Hands-free update

GOPR7666.JPGSo, the new so-called Hands-Free Law (specifically to keep drivers from using cell phones but also includes not touching cameras/bike riders must follow motor vehicle laws) that recently went into effect in the State of Georgia, where I live, seems to be working out just fine while I’m Traveling at the Speed of Bike. I had been concerned about my body camera, which I used to run intermittently because of battery length, but I’ve since purchased additional batteries and am running the camera continuously when I am riding on streets. So, no sweat (well, lots of sweat — just not about the camera).

Regarding motor vehicle drivers, anecdotally I hear other bike riders say that they seem to be noticing that drivers, in general, seem more alert to lights changing and their surroundings than they had been. Which is great, potentially life-saving news.

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