“Lucky 13” for Jump

img_5511Jump dockless and electric bikeshare, now owned by Uber, just launched this week in Atlanta, making it the 13th North American city where it’s available. Jump folks were giving out helmets and sunglasses yesterday in Midtown Atlanta and I tried to rent a bike but the app didn’t work. The Jump folks sent a screenshot of my app problem to their technicians and my hope is that it’ll work the next time I try it. (Note: If you haven’t ridden a bike in Atlanta yet and are curious what that’s like, see my videos here. I also offer four free maps of routes I recommend, complete with tips — see my Bonus Resources.)

I just tried my first electric pedal-assist bike a month ago and loved it. Atlanta is hot, hilly, and sprawled, and ebikes, in general, flatten the land and reduce physical limitations. Plus, they’re fun. Hear my reaction for yourself:

Welcome, Jump. As a League Cycling Instructor, a tour guide with both Bicycle Tours of Atlanta and the Atlanta Beltline, a Relay Bikeshare VIP Ambassador,  the author of Traveling at the Speed of Bike, a member of the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition, and the loved one of those for whom your bikes could be a real game-changer, I could not be happier that you are here. Please let me know if I can do anything to help.

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