Joe for mayor?

IMG_E4288My friend Joe Seconder (see his blog, Joe 4 Dunwoody) is currently on a listening tour (photo from yesterday when I met with him at the park). He is considering running for mayor of the City of Dunwoody. Many of his ideas harken back to the passion and vision I remember from when this metro ATL ‘burb (home, along with neighboring city Sandy Springs, to the largest concentration of Fortune 500 companies in the southeastern US) became the newest city in the USA almost 11 years ago. We served together on the Sustainability Commission, which was the first commission formed in the city within days of cityhood. (Atlanta Regional Commission Green Communities certification at the Gold level was achieved within 5 years.)

So, we’ll see what happens next here. Others are mulling over becoming candidates as well.  Here is the criteria I use when deciding how to vote. Here is a previous Traveling at the Speed of Bike post about Joe titled Just Some Paint, and a Guy Named Joe. Joe has achieved a ton of other things here (and elsewhere), including leading the Bike Ride with the Mayor recently as part of National Bike Month. Will he be leading the city soon as well?

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