2021 Pitches

In 2021, I’m continuing to provide hands-on, rubber-hits-the-road coverage of a whole pile of stories relating to all aspects of triple-bottom-line sustainability (as is my expertise).

In addition to blogging about them on this blog or that (plus previously as a celebrity blogger for a Cox Enterprises website, pictured above in a collage that also includes samples of my other published work-for-hire), I’m doing 100 new pitches to paying marketplaces (as was my career before preparing to leave for the Peace Corps, now delayed due to COVID-19 possibly forever).

For your convenience, I’m compiling snippets of the pitches here in one handy place. Expect the addition of about two a week. They will run the gamut from feature and how-to articles, to books (including e-books to power-launch your cause-oriented marketing funnel), to opportunities to showcase resiliency in a plethora of innovative ways.

I’ll additionally consider custom work and, as always, am interested in collaborating professionally to help make the world better (contact me here). As a seasoned professional and a member of Mensa, I learn quickly and I don’t waste your time or money. I get to the heart of your story, from your C-suite to your factory floor, to help you showcase your organization’s commitment to forward progress in our rapidly-changing world.

Note: I particularly love to blog, and if your corporate foundation or nonprofit blog is flat or stale, I can breathe new life into it. An ongoing relationship with me (whether it’s once a month or once a week) provides you with a steady stream of fresh content to milk across your diverse communications platforms.

I wasn’t featured in O: The Oprah Magazine as a Passion Person for nothin’! Let’s go.

(1) Today’s Lesson: Keeping School Gardens Growing during the Pandemic (1,000 word article)

School gardens have been growing like crazy across the USA over the past fifteen years. Then, COVID-19 hit, many kids and parents went remote, and thousands of school gardens across the USA were left to rot. Ouch. I see some on my daily bike rides.

abandoned school garden during pandemic

At the same time, hunger is exploding, plus we now know co-morbidities related to our ever-expanding obesity epidemic are directly linked to increased risk from COVID-19.

So what’s happening with all these weedy spots? Your readers may be inspired to learn that . . .

Contact me if you are an editor at a paying publication or site who is interested in the full pitch for this 1,000-word article. Tap in every Monday for more pitches. Here’s my portfolio.

(2) My Big Bag of Sad (children’s picture book that highlights mental health benefit of bike riding)

Remember riding your bike as a kid? Perhaps you even rode it to school. Today, the overwhelming majority of children do not meet the Centers for Disease Control’s daily recommendation for physical activity. 

Not only is obesity, and thus obesity-related diseases, continuing to rise and at younger ages, but more and more children are experiencing symptoms of depression and other brain health ailments that can often be traced partly to their lack of daily movement in combination with the increased stresses and impacts of our current world. 

There are not many young children’s books that address the feeling of general sadness that increasingly permeates our society nor offer a simple, proven action that children can take to help reduce it. 

My Big Bag of Sad, my proposed 32-page picture book targeting children ages 2-8, does this in a fun, empowering, and imaginative way that puts the reader in control of taking a positive step to help feel better. As the big bag of sad, dragged behind a bicycle, transforms into things far more uplifting, they themselves transform.

Contact me if you are a literary agent who is interested in the full pitch, including the complete sweet manuscript, for this children’s picture book. Tap in every Monday for more pitchesHere’s my portfolio.