Pitch Monday: My Big Bag of Sad

photo taken while Traveling at the Speed of Bike; it is not the actual art that would accompany this proposed children’s book

Remember riding your bike as a kid? Perhaps you even rode it to school. Today, the overwhelming majority of children do not meet the Centers for Disease Control’s daily recommendation for physical activity.

Not only is obesity, and thus obesity-related diseases, continuing to rise and at younger ages, but more and more children are experiencing symptoms of depression and other brain health ailments that can often be traced partly to their lack of daily movement in combination with the increased stresses and impacts of our current world.

There are not many young children’s books that address the feeling of general sadness that increasingly permeates our society nor offer a simple, proven action that children can take to help reduce it. 

My Big Bag of Sad, my proposed 32-page picture book targeting children ages 2-8, does this in a fun, empowering, and imaginative way that puts the reader in control of taking a positive step to help feel better. As the big bag of sad, dragged behind a bicycle, transforms into things far more uplifting, they themselves transform. (It’s a sweet little manuscript.)

Although competitive books include the recent release When Sadness Comes to Call by Eva Eland (2020), and Meh by Deborah Malcolm (2015), My Big Bag of Sad differentiates itself by being the only children’s book that heralds the mental-healing aspects of bike riding, and does so at a time when the United States is exeriencing the biggest bike boom since the 1970s as a result of bike riding being considered an essential activity during our onoing pandemic. 

In addition to reaching children and parents through general children’s bookselling channels, My Big Bag of Sad could be marketed to pediatric medical doctors and mental health professionals, school counselors, and more.

Book promotion efforts could include book readings online by celebrities known to encourage bike riding such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and LeBron James; online and/or live learn-to-ride clinics; and earn-a-bike partnerships.

Additionally . . .

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