Pitch Monday: Artifical Turf and Scooter Updates

I thought I’d stop taking Leaps of Faith after Leap Year ended (yep, 2020 stuck it to us by actually having an extra day in it), but no. Ain’t workin’ out that way. Leaps of faith are still needed daily, and leaping on the hard, red clay of Georgia under the power lines is somehow both grounding and uplifting.

Leap of Faith while Traveling at the Speed of Bike

Everything will be OK? We’ll see. History is happening at the speed of light (U.S. Senate runoff election in my state plus the coup at the U.S. Capitol on my 31st wedding anniversary last week, plus of course the climate crisis) and I’m trying to keep up (and keep sane) while Traveling at the Speed of Bike. (See We’re Watching.)

Everything Will Be OK while Traveling at the Speed of Bike

Currently, stories not directly related to saving our democracy may seem tone-deaf, perhaps, but frankly I’m just going where I’m called to go, and this week’s pitch as part of my 100 Pitches in 2021 are stories I want to tell for reasons I don’t question.

Maybe, in fact, a story about being on artificial turf as a society is more pertinent than I originally thought.

So, here goes.

See We Are on Artificial Turf. That report (already peer-reviewed) is still not released, and yet the proliferation of actual artificial turf in our shared public and private spaces continues unquestioned. What’s going on? I aim to find out, if someone wants to hire me to write that article.

I also want to do an update on my scooter end-of-life article that ran on Ensia, SmartCitiesDive, and GreenBiz as there were some very specific actions that named cities were planning on taking as a result of research they were conducting. That ever-so-exciting word infrastructure is about to back in the news in a big way, and I’m not interested in missing the boat (train, bus, bike, scooter).

Okay, so those are this week’s two pitches. Reminder: a goal is a dream with a deadline. Two pitches a week in 2021 gets me to my goal of 100. What dream are you turning into a goal this year?

In other news, I’m also off-the-charts excited to share with you I’ve been knee-deep in some amazing stories from Cherokee County, Georgia (my focus for January as Metro Atlanta Bicycle Mayor). Tap in on Thursdays as I shine a light on the good that’s happening.

And I have another story coming that spotlights someone with a global organization whom I interviewed this past Friday.

Plus, it’s been awhile since I did a new issue of FoodShed Planet on Substack (you can see the previous eight issues, pictured below, here). I think I’ll save the turkey vulture story for that.

See FoodShed Planet on Substack

By the way, I found my way to TikTok (finally) and the centering of joy there astounds and inspires me. Truth? This is (for all its hell) our distinct and unrepeatable time on earth and joy is a superpower, not a frivolity. I intend to continue to seek it out and embrace it whenever and wherever I can find it.

I’m using my TikTok for bike education and encouragement, and I think I’m the only League Cycling Instructor in the USA to be doing so. Follow me there @pedalpowerwithpattie and let’s let the miracle machine of a bike center our joy and propel us forward.

Here’s an example. Smiles (although not required by women, or anyone, in public space ever) do seem to be a natural outcome of riding a bike and are proven to have positive effects on our health. Here are some folks (maybe even you) with whom I’ve shared smiles while Traveling at the Speed of Bike:

Now, I gotta go. The sun’s rising soon and I don’t want to miss the joy of it.