I Quit Twitter

I quit Twitter. Not because of politics or Elon Musk (but maybe a little). Twitter and I have been through a lot together since 2009, and I’ve especially enjoyed being a microinfluencer the past couple of years, and all the products companies have sent me to road-test (I honestly can’t say enough good things about my Plasket). But it’s time. And when it’s time, it’s time.

Truth be known, even though I adore the bike community there, it is constant death and near-death all day long in the feed (of no fault of theirs as that’s simply the rubber-hits-the-road reality in the USA today) and as a Road Violence Survivor in a Dangerous-By-Design city, this is continually triggering to me, and I have new boundaries. With National Bike Month about to start and my city once again saying no to me about providing the basic dignity of cones in unprotected bike lanes, I’ve hit my limit. (You may enjoy Cone of Silence, written exactly one week before I was pummeled by a woman driving a 4,500-pound SUV on Tilly Mill Road in Dunwoody, Georgia, USA — a road that continues to be dangerous by design.)

There is work to be done in this world-in-crisis, need is great, and every person and place has their own path and pace. I continue to work tirelessly on centering joy (in all its conundrum). (Here are other tips if you are a survivor of road violence.)

I quit Facebook November 1, 2021 and that opened up new energies and opportunities, and I expect quitting Twitter to do the same. I hope something I amplified there helped in some small way. Perhaps a seed of an idea (such as #RollingWave) will even continue to grow.

I’m on the fence about Instagram right now, although I’m connected to really good friends (and my daughters) there. Plus, @TodaysNiceStranger is there as a whole separate account, and I love that street portrait project.

If you want to stay connected, I’d suggest follow here at TravelingAtTheSpeedOfBike.com and on TikTok at SpeedOfBike. I hope to see you out and about as well.

Onward, as I once again take a Leap of Faith (rockin’ my #BikeBloom skirt from Goodwill). . .

Trust the journey,



I quit Twitter. I hope something I shared or liked over the years helped somehow. Onward. #LeapOfFaith

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