Life-Changing Tip

Here’s a useful (warning: life changing) exercise. I heard once that if you write your own aspirational obituary and then work backwards, you can create a pathway to the life you really want. Years ago, my desired obituary started: “She lived on a lavender and llama farm.” Guess what farms are in my Round America with a Duck mix? Yep.

It’s that easy, folks. It starts now, today. What seed will you plant for the harvest of dreams-come-true called your life?

Reminder: You are never given a dream without also being given the possibility of making it come true. As an ad I saw on the MARTA train taught me: Impossible, read another way, reads I’m Possible.

I’m possible. You’re possible. Saving this world for the future of humanity is possible.

Let’s do it.

Trust the journey,


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Note: The photo above is from my very last visit to the supermarket closest to me, which is closing today. It is a location at which I spent more than $40,000 one bike ride at a time for one particular reason. See here, if interested.