7 MPH is a creative studio that serves as a hands-on experiential incubator for outside-the-box ideas and rubber-hits-the-road truth.

We’ve done a ton of team and project leadership — but frankly, we mostly like to focus on rubber-hits-the-road-researched multi-platform storytelling about all aspects of triple-bottom-line sustainability, resiliency, mitigation and adaptation. Much of what we do is passion-driven, and there’s an art to everything we do. Most of it happens while traveling at the speed of bike. We only work on projects we love that we believe can change the world for the better. (Please take no offense if it’s not yours.)

Public service announcements/campaigns (also see the Joy campaign, the You Spoke for Me campaign, The Naked Truth about Hunger, and the Vision Zero ad below.)

Poems at the Speed of Bike (these were actually featured in a guerilla art exhibit; there are many more in several of my books) See my portfolio and below for examples of my poetry being used as a graphic “beauty copy” element by my clients (and yes I wrote the long-form copy, too).

Guerilla art exhibits (often combined with my street photography and poetry) include Selections from A Streetcar Named Aspire, Walls Are Falling, The White Dress Series, and Sunday Paper — there have been at least a dozen different exhibits in found spaces, amplified globally across social media.

Flash fiction/street photography (I think I am the only artist in the world working at the intersection of these art forms)

See the website for my book Stranger Things

Creative nonfiction (see my books — I’m working on a new one, by the way)

See my books here

Original merchandise

BikeBloom upcycled bike tube earrings on plantable packaging

Additional BikeBloom merchandise

Artsy Bike merchandise

Modern Bike Joy merchandise

BikeNoodle customizable sticker (and backstory)

Have a Ducky Day merchandise (this is related to my new book)

Aspirational media releases (these are not quite true, but could be) as visioning inspiration for your teams (fun fact; I used to lead creative brainstorming sessions for companies/agencies)

City of Dunwoody Announced 1st Pop-Up Protected Bike lane “OTP” in Metro Atlanta

UPS Announces Global No-Parking-in-Bike-Lanes Policy

Metro Atlanta Announces Bike/Ped Path around Entire Perimeter Highway

Whole Foods Announces No Screw Caps on Wine