42694481300_bf67318572_o.jpgAs a result of Traveling at the Speed of Bike, I’ve quit some things. I’ve pursued some others. I’ve lost a little patience. I’ve spoken out a bit more. I’ve gotten in some trouble. I’ve lived a little louder. I’ve celebrated my passion and reconsidered some weaknesses as possibly strengths. I’ve dreamed a bigger dream. I’ve stretched. And ultimately I’ve decided that:

I will not stop believing in a better tomorrow, and the stone-in-the-pond ripple effect of individual and collective action.

I will not stop planting seeds of change, or traveling at a pace where I can look humanity in the face and thus perhaps better understand my small but necessary place in it.

I will not stop bearing witness to what I think is wrong and disinfecting it in the sunshine of truth.

I will not stop rejecting the gutter of failed imagination and the artificial limits of mediocrity increasingly accepted by society.

I will not stop recognizing that this is my one precious and unrepeatable life, time is a nonrenewable resource, and I hold the power to make a positive difference in my hands.

I will not stop, and I invite you along to join me. You are needed, now more than ever.

After a robust corporate and feature-writing career in NYC and Atlanta, I currently teach classes, work as a tour guide with Bicycle Tours of Atlanta, and am a Relay Bikeshare VIP Ambassador. I previously started or revived a ton of organic gardens, including ones for those in need, and I’m passionate about all things related to triple-bottom-line sustainability. My core competency is as a content creator (books, blogs, feature articles, and apparently bike tours now). If there is a way we can work together to change the world for the better, please let me know.

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