25811186918_8e16858645_oTurner Broadcasting. UPS. USA Today. The American Cancer Society. MetLife. Magazines. Pro-bono projects in the arts and city sustainability, and even my very own nonprofit organization. Gobs of published articles and paid blogs. Plus, lots of smaller clients, such as a packaging company, an organic gardening company, and a college. And books. Lots of books.

Need a diverse, experienced writer who takes a project (or creates one) and runs with it? Let’s talk. With a Klout score of 60, I am currently a top 1% influencer in a wide range of sustainability-related topics and am particularly interested in companies/nonprofits/foundations committed to triple-bottom-line sustainability. Please see the kind reviews from my previous bosses. I’m a bit of an odd conglomeration of skills, and I know from experience that that could be a huge asset to you.