How We Can Work Together

Bottom line? I’m always thinking about your bottom line, specifically the triple-bottom line. There’s an incredibly powerful social, environmental, and economic value to including a writer on your team who brings a depth of experience from the factory floor to the C-suite, along with lived-and-learned subject-matter passion and life-stage flexibility. Let’s talk, and then let’s do great work together.

I know your time is valuable. You can simply scroll to the bottom for my concise resume. Below is a TikTok quick-glance at my portfolio of diverse writing projects across industries, followed by links to select writing samples. Here’s my Contra, with quick links to my books.

In addition to being a professional writer-for-hire and author, I am also a microinfluencer with powerful engagement rates on Twitter. Pricing packages for shoutouts, platform takeovers, affiliate marketing, sponsored content, brand ambassadorships, and more coming soon. Stay tuned!

Twitter microinfluencer @PattieBaker


My writing and project leadership experience includes: Turner Broadcasting. UPS. USA Today. The American Cancer Society. MetLife. Gobs of paid articles for magazines, websites, and both B-to-B and B-to-C blogs. Three published nonfiction books. City start-up leadership and communications. Pro-bono projects for numerous nonprofit organizations (including one I founded that gave hats to girls with cancer at hospitals nationwide). Plus, lots of smaller clients, such as a packaging company, an organic gardening company, and a college.

I am specifically interested in paid writing opportunities in the increasingly vital, broad, and relevant health, wellness, and resiliency spaces — such as corporate wellness, disease management, public health, and sustainability — in all of which I have professional writing and project management experience. I love working freelance, and have for years (with discounts offered to you for six-month contracts as well as for B-Corps and nonprofit organizations), but would consider a staff position (again — I used to be on staff with major global organizations) if it’s a good fit. My pricing is flexible and takes into consideration a wide range of quality-of-life factors, so don’t think I’m outside your range. In fact, I end up being super-affordable because I’m fast and experienced as a seasoned professional writer.

Porfolio (quick glance below if you only have a minute)


I absolutely love writing these. Each one takes about four hours, which includes an hour of research; an hour interview; and two hours to write, fact-check with the subject, publish, and amplify. Additional time would be required for in-person experiential interviews, and any extensive review/approval process. Put stories about your people to work for you.


I was hired to write this how-to article for the truly gorgeous and inspiring site Unearth Women.

I was hired to write this environmental journalism piece for Ensia, which then cross-published it on GreenBiz, and Smart Cities Dive.

I’ve been hired to write numerous feature and shorter-form articles for Urban Farm magazine as well as Edible Atlanta magazine; Chickens magazine; and New Life Journal, for which I was a monthly columnist.

Blog Posts

I created, researched, wrote, published and amplified a blog named FoodShed Planet from 2006-2013 that received 30,000 views per month. (I no longer own that URL but still have all the content.)

As a result, I was hired to create, research, write, publish, and amplify a highly-successful personally-branded B-to-B blog (100 Marketing Ideas with Pattie Baker) and an every-single-day-for-a-year B-to-C blog (Hot Off the Vine with Pattie Baker — specifically focused on home remodeling and care, and which leaned heavily green) for Cox Enterprise’s local search subsidiary during its startup phase.

Hot Off the Vine with Pattie Baker, written under contract for Cox Enterprises

Additionally, I was invited on an investigative journalism immersive in the cork oak forests and factories of Portugal’s imperiled hotspot of biodiversity. The series of posts I created as a result of that were republished and shared globally on the 100% Cork nonprofit organization’s website.

I also guest-blogged for Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, Better World Books (this piece about the Steve Jobs book, plus more), and The Atlanta Bicycle Coalition. I have links to most of that content, if you have a particular interest germane to your writing needs.

I currently blog at Traveling at the Speed of Bike and Food for My Daughters, both of which are companion communications outreach for my published books by the same names. Short answer? I love to blog. Many organizations start blogs and then abandon them, or they fall flat. I can breathe life and consistency into them.

Public Service Campaigns

I ideated, project-managed, researched, photographed, wrote, designed, published, and amplified a multifaceted campaign to encourage local leaders to implement more bike-friendly infrastructure. I tagged the local bike advocacy group in it pro bono. The state bike advocacy organization requested the pro bono use of selections from this campaign to use at the Georgia State Capitol during the annual Georgia Rides to the Capitol safe-access-for-all event.

I also created the Joy campaign during the first holiday season of the pandemic. My goodness, we needed joy then, amirite?! (We always need joy, in all its conundrum.)

I love these campaigns and think they showcases the diversity of expertise I bring to the table and my ability to be self-directed (they were completely pro bono and personally conceptualized; I was grateful for the strength of my relationships with those who are photographed and those who enabled me to access the Joy locations). I would love to do more public-health-focused campaigns such as these. (You may also enjoy selections from my street portrait project titled Today’s Nice Stranger.)


I’ve written and published three creative nonfiction books (how-to/memoir/inspiration), one collection of overlapping flash fiction inspired by original street photography (five stories have been selected for publication elsewhere as well), and one children’s middle-grade novel.

Bottom line? (See, I told you I care about your bottom line!) If your organization has been meaning to get a book out there to support your sales or speaker series and no one has the bandwidth to knock it out, I’m your person. I write, and write, and write. I’ve been getting up at 4 a.m. for years to do my personal writing and blogging. I bleed words, folks — and I know when to keep it snappy to take into account busy lives and short attentions spans.


This original piece, titled Big Jugs, was performed live by a theatre group in Los Angeles during Year 1 of the global COVID-19 pandemic. If interested, a longer story relating to Big Jugs is available here. My Peace Corps departure (to which both those stories refer), originally scheduled for June 4, 2020, has been derailed due to the pandemic. Just as in roller-dancing (which I’ve taught myself this year, as part of a global trend), I’m pivoting, so to speak, back to my writing business full-time (which I had closed in preparation for leaving the country for more than two years in Uganda).

I have additionally written scripts for the American Cancer Society, and overseen the creation of numerous videos and commercials while employed by both Turner Broadcasting and UPS (I’ve spent a lot of time securing legal approvals, which is an under-sung expertise). I also do off-the-cuff public speaking, showcased in my TikToks. I don’t do PowerPoints, although I have project-managed many creative assets that were then showcased in decks. Although I have successfully created complete multimedia, multiplatform projects soup-to-nuts, most of my clients come to me purely for the quality of the writing.

Curriculum Guides

I was a secondary education minor (with a major in English), and that educational training permeates my writing and outreach. As a certified League Cycling Instructor, I’ve done such a wide variety of teaching. I’ve templated my Seniors on Trikes recommendations, plus created the first and only bike classes in the world available via text, downloadable PDF (here’s one of them), and TikTok. I also create original bike routes that are welcoming-for-all along with related photo-filled stories as a PeopleForBikes Ambassador (see here).

What’s more, I’ve created three book club discussion guides (and written dozens of reviews about books that publishers have sent me). You can see the discussion guide for my book, Traveling at the Speed of Bike, here.

Thousands of people have already tapped into these original assets.

Media Releases

I don’t market myself as a PR person, as I don’t have the media placement connections. However, I love writing media releases and have done a handful for various companies. As a constant imagineer of our world’s possibilities, however, I especially love writing aspirational media releases. If we can dream it, we can live it, right? I can help you and your team dream a new reality right now, today, as well, even if its use is purely internal as a brainstorming or motivational exercise. Here are examples:

Metro Atlanta Cities Announce Bike/Ped Path around Entire Perimeter Highway

City of Dunwoody Announces First Pop-Up Protected Bike Lane “OTP” in Metro Atlanta

Metro Atlanta-Based Corporation UPS Announces Global No-Parking-in-Bike-Lanes Policy, Effective Immediately.

I’d also like to invite you to visit my LinkedIn profile. I continue to be grateful and moved by the generous reviews prior bosses and clients have posted.

See here for articles other journalists (including in O: The Oprah Magazine!) have written about my hands-on triple-bottom-line passion. Final note: I was born on the cusp of generations, as were my daughters. I’m tapped into a lot, and as a member of Mensa, I’m constantly learning and growing. I’m often considered an early and enthusiastic adopter of change, and I’m excited about the challenges and opportunities ahead for us as a society. If you are with a positive organization open to new ideas (or one that would like to be), then we may be perfect for each other.

Trust the journey,

Pattie Baker

Author of Traveling at the Speed of Bike

Author of Food for My Daughters

Creator of the “You Go, Girl!” toolkit (1st free global toolkit to help more women and girls access and ride bikes)

First Metro Atlanta Bicycle Mayor (see Year 1 summary and my plans for Year 2 here!)

League of American Bicyclists Cycling Instructor (#5384 — one of only five women in the USA state of Georgia) (creator of 1st bike classes in the world via text and TikTok!)

People for Bikes Ambassador

Survivor of road violence