Bonus Resources

I’m happy to share the following additional bonus resources with you. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

35314159462_fa9a248624_oThe View from the Handlebars
: View over 1,000 photos of bike infrastructure, and more, while Traveling at the Speed of Bike. These may be helpful if you need to show examples at your local city hall or elsewhere where you are trying to encourage positive change. Please feel free to use my photos, with photo credit:  © Pattie Baker 2019.

bnsticker#BikeNoodle Sticker: I road-tested a three-foot pool noodle sticking out from the side of my bike for two years (so far!) to track its effect on motor vehicle driver aggression and illegal passing. It reduced aggression completely and increased safe passing to about double the required distance. In short, it was 100% effective for me and enabled me to access roads in my suburb-city and four neighboring ones that were previously unsafe to ride. You can buy the sticker I used here and customize it to meet your needs. Read more about #BikeNoodle in Traveling at the Speed of Bike (specifically Chapter 6: Noodle Lady).

Bike Tips: Get free rubber-hits-the-road tips in quick-view 30-second videos (you may also enjoy my classes):

fullsizeoutput_df2Seniors-on-Trikes Course Recommendations: I created the concise document below for you to use where you live, developed as a result of my year spent teaching the Silver Spokes seniors-on-adult-tricycles class in the Bicycle Friendly Community of Decatur, Georgia. There are some stories about these classes in Traveling at the Speed of Bike.

Additionally, tap into your local bike advocacy organization. These groups all over the United States are doing astounding things to make a measurable difference in accessibility and safety for everyone sharing our public spaces known as streets. Many offer free classes and other local resources. Also, local bike tour companies offer interesting ways to see your city by bike and are worth every penny. (Fun fact: In Atlanta, the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition, Bicycle Tours of Atlanta, and Civil Bikes are all led —and owned, in the case of the last two—by women. The City of Atlanta also has a full-time Chief Bicycle Officer, who is also a woman.)

*This is what has worked for me. I assume no liability for any outcomes of actions you may take as a result of my recommendations. I regret that I have to add this disclaimer, but in our litigious country, this is unfortunately necessary.