A Sunday in December at 5 PM

I woke up today feeling particularly good and relaxed. That’s because my commute home from work (after leading a really enjoyable bike tour with a lovely couple from my beloved New York City) looked like this, filled with people enjoying themselves. Not bad for a Sunday in December at 5 PM, Atlanta!

Et tu, school bus driver?

I was Traveling at the Speed of Bike around Downtown Atlanta yesterday with my friend and fellow League of American Bicyclists Cycling Instructor, Robyn Elliott. I usually find riding around Downtown pretty easy as drivers are typically cooperative. However, this happened. Robyn and I both wanted to show you so that you can see that…


The Sprouts supermarket less than a mile from my home is closing December 23, after a five-year lease. I go there almost daily, often while Traveling at the Speed of Bike. Based on this calculation, I figure I’ve spent more than $25,000 there. They got their money’s worth with that bike rack. The ride to…

Happiness officer

Robyn at Bicycle Tours of Atlanta gave me my new biz cards today. Whoo hoo! I’m officially a Happiness Officer! I have a few months under my belt already and am looking forward to what the future holds as part of the BTA team.

Mercedes Benz Stadium

You’ll find this mural as part of Off the Wall at Mercedes Benz Stadium. I saw it today while Traveling at the Speed of Bike. Honestly, this is getting so fun and exciting. And I haven’t even started volunteering with the artists yet! Stay tuned.


I installed my latest exhibit at Gallery 26 this week. It’s called Windows. I have much to say about it, and why I chose the photos I did. But I won’t. I’d rather you interpret it however you want. (I may go back and rearrange the little photos a bit — they look a bit…

Vine City

Directly across from Atlanta’s Mercedes Benz Stadium (where Super Bowl LIII will be played, and where Atlanta United soccer games currently pack the house), sits the Vine City MARTA transit station. You can cross busy Northside Drive at the light, or you can eventually take a longer (but arguably cooler) walk across the new rocketship-shaped…