I create change, and I tell the stories that need telling in our changing world.

I’m working full-time (see resume above) and do additionally take on very select freelance writing projects ($150 per hour for marketing communications, or a buck a word for editorial projects — see portfolio — discounts for nonprofits and B-Corps), and micromobility truthsaying to select municipalities and corporations at a rate of $1,000 an hour ($350 per hour after 10 hours). Additional service offerings include leader profiles, unboxing TikToks, and product road-testing reviews (see here for rates). Note: you get the most value from me as an ongoing contracted writing resource so I know your biz and can knock stuff out as you need it. I currently have bandwidth for just one additional 5-to-10-hour-per-week contract.

Lots of free stuff below. Don’t miss my #BikeBloom upcycled bike tube earrings on plantable paper. 100% of proceeds from my merch/books used to do good.

Free virtual bike tours, featuring welcoming routes and lots of art

Free online bike classes, designed for female-identifying adults and teens

Free profiles of people (maybe even you!) making it more welcoming to ride bikes

You are art-in-motion with the Artsy Bike Face Mask (2 in pack, 3 sizes)

Artsy Bike baby bib (4 trim colors), canvas lunch tote, and stainless steel water bottle (very large)

BikeNoodle sticker (with space to personalize)

Traveling at the Speed of Bike book and blog

Food for My Daughters book and blog

Ways to live your Bucket List now

Bike Book Shop (first in world)