Common wealth

People driving. Walking. Riding bikes and buses. Taking the T. Sharing a common space, a common wealth, as public space has priceless value. This is the new and improved Commonwealth Avenue in Boston, Massachusetts, where my younger daughter attends Boston University and where I was Traveling at the Speed of Bike last week. Bravo, Boston….

Uber strike got you down?

Uber and Lyft ride-hailing strike got you down? Pull out your bike or use bikeshare and go to town! You don’t even have to go the distance. The bus, train, and streetcar in Atlanta all let you bring bikes on board at any time. You may even find that bikes are an uber-cool way to…

Pro tip

Pro tip: always carry a bungee cord!

Boston in the rain

When you provide safe access for bike riders, rain is not a problem (such as when I was Traveling at the Speed of Bike in Boston last weekend).

Boston, by bike

Yes, I found the bike lanes and bridges and community gardens. Yes, I found the art and the edges. Yes, I have answers, and even more questions, after Traveling at the Speed of Bike on bikeshare (yet again) in Boston. And, by the way, the City of Boston offers two different bike classes for women, led…

New bridges

I am helping my octogenarian mom a lot lately. We are crossing some new bridges in life. I am grateful there is a greenway not far from her home, and a bikeshare station (which is free to join, and the bikes are free to use for up to three hours), since I don’t always have…

Love/hate relationship

So the whole dockless bikes/e-scooters/mopeds* thing is heating up rapidly on the streets and sidewalks of Atlanta. Companies that have descended upon our formerly-car-centric city in just the last month or two include Bird, Lime, Ofo, and Muving USA. Competition is fierce. Laws are being broken constantly, such as this Ofo dockless bikeshare worker who parked…