Bikes fix things

We are carrying so much trauma right now, in so many ways. Bikes help. They may even fix things — not all of them, but maybe enough to keep you (and your city) going.

I took the photo above while Traveling at the Speed of Bike on bikeshare in Boston while visiting my younger daughter, who attends university there (although she has been home since Spring Break due to the pandemic, but is now starting to plan for her return).

This morning, I wrote to the bikeshares in Boston, New York City, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, and Santa Monica (all of which I’ve ridden numerous times) to let them know about my free bike class for women, available both via text and downloadable PDF.

Maybe it will help someone (maybe even you).

Maybe it will fix something, or somewhere, in this broken world.


If interested, here’s 41 seconds of Boston-by-bike: