Guerilla art

I’m working on a new guerrilla art project right now titled Street Shorts (street photography meets micro-fiction) and am reminded of one of my favorite exhibits of the dozen or so I’ve mounted out there in the wild. It was titled Ennui: Selections from the White Dress Series* and was on an unpaved part of…

Mercedes Benz Stadium

I’m planning on taking a tour of Mercedes Benz Stadium* soon. I am wondering specifically about its achievement as the greenest sports stadium in the world, and its impact on surrounding communities since I took this street photography photo a few years ago while Traveling at the Speed of Bike. * soon to be prominently…

I bear witness

I bear witness. Here are street photography highlights from the past year, taken in a world at a crossroads mostly while Traveling at the Speed of Bike. (If interested, see my street photography album here.)


I installed my latest exhibit at Gallery 26 this week. It’s called Windows. I have much to say about it, and why I chose the photos I did. But I won’t. I’d rather you interpret it however you want. (I may go back and rearrange the little photos a bit — they look a bit…


Look at a quick selection of street photography taken while Traveling at the Speed of Bike. It serves as a glimpse of life in public in a city and country facing the pain and pride of change. Click here to view.


Things are getting worse. (Photos taken while Traveling at the Speed of Bike at the Families Belong Together March in Atlanta, Georgia, USA earlier this year, back when kids were first put in cages.)  

The female gaze

Lately, I’m heartened to hear that something called “the female gaze” is gaining more notoriety. This represents an increased focus on the unique artistic point of view of women in our society, and frankly, just means a woman created it. So any woman creating any art brings the female gaze to her work. If you can…

My takeaways

You may have seen me Traveling at the Speed of Bike at the Families Belong Together March in Atlanta today (not to be confused with the ones in more than 700 other cities nationwide today as well). I went to bear witness, and to document. Here is my street photography from today. My takeaways? Vote….