“I Was Told There’d Be Cake”

I bear witness. It adds up.

This poem-at-the-speed-of-bike is a collection of lines from signs I’ve captured as part of a street photography project. You can see them in the TikTok at the bottom of this post. Spoken word to come.

I was told there’d be cake

Pit Stop Pit Stop

Caution Trail ends ahead

Please do not feed the pigeons

Danger keep out

Please stay off the grass

Bike lane closed Sidewalk closed

Public urination Don’t do it

No smoking allowed No loitering

Watch for turning vehicles

End school zone

Caution active doorway Door opens frequently

Look look You’re on camera

Warning it is illegal Asking Begging or Soliciting to obtain alms

Stay calm Don’t run

Sidewalk closed


Nothing is perfect Perfection is change Nothing is normal Everything is strange

Embrace change

Transform yourself


Dreams don’t expire

Love trumps hate

I am somebody

Don’t be scared Be light

Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase

Please help

Valet here


Flea market

Free Sunday $200 twerkoff

Free Beard Fridays

Barber Shop Any kind of haircuts

Go bananas

Who cares




I know who I am

I am not public space