fullsizeoutput_106aWanna feel like a kid again? You can, you know. All it takes is a time machine called a bike, and an inspiring true story that moves you to action. Traveling at the Speed of Bike tickles your memories alive and then gives a rubber-hits-the-road account of what happens for a woman and a country at a crossroads when a beloved bike comes down from the attic. It may make you rethink what is possible with pedal power at any age, in any place.

Originally from New York, I’m a writer, street photographer, organic food grower, and married mom of two grown daughters who call metro Atlanta home. This is my seventh published book. As a League of American Bicyclists’ nationally-certified League Cycling Instructor (#5382), I have taught seniors-on-trikes, youth-in-need, and women rediscovering the girl inside who wants to ride again. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book help enable more women and girls to ride bikes.

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