Dear girl

This poem is one of six that are in my book, Traveling at the Speed of Bike. It was written about a particular girl (not this one in the photo). But it could be about any of us. Dear Girl  I just want you to know I saw the magnitude of your strength, And how…

Newest cycle track in USA

The newest two-way protected bike lane (cycle track) in the USA looks like this (during its final stages of construction) while Traveling at the Speed of Bike. It is directly in front of the high school in the certified Bicycle Friendly Community of Decatur, Georgia, USA (where I taught Seniors-on-Trikes, and more).


Pigeons! I love when this happens while Traveling at the Speed of Bike. It’s the little things, folks.

Checking public bathrooms

Just so you know, this is what many women do every time we use a public bathroom alone (for those who even choose to do that) so that we are not attacked, raped, robbed, or otherwise harassed or hurt. Please note we are not in a standing, ready-to-run position while using the facilities, so safety…

Three funeral homes

When I was just a hair older than the kids in the latest school shooting, a train hit a van carrying ten teenagers where I grew up in Mineola, New York. Nine of them were killed. I had gone to school with some of them. You can see The New York Times story from March…

Next FREE classes announced

I am honored to offer my free “Pedal Power with Pattie” Basic Bike Skills Class in the following metro-Atlanta cities on the following dates. Click for details and to register. March 4: Dunwoody, GA April 15: Norcross, GA May 5: Decatur, GA (Update: Class already full)

Hard to write right now

It’s hard to write right now, with all that’s happening nationwide. I’m feeling sort of like this art I passed while Traveling at the Speed of Bike this week, if that makes sense. The words will come back. But, for now, the bike rides help. Five miles into a ride and I feel hopeful again….

Fugees Academy goes national

On a day with yet more bad news (yet another school shooting, yet more senseless death), I was happy to just receive an email from Luma Mufleh, founder of the Fugees Family/Academy, the only school in the United States specifically for refugee children-of-war. She announced that in addition to its original Clarkston, GA location (where…