See ya’ next year

It’s time for my annual social media break. Hope to see you out and about Traveling at the Speed of Bike (or at the High Museum of Art, which is where I saw this fun visual), or maybe I’ll just see ya’ next year when I return here. In the meantime, happy merry to all.

Not yet crushed

I just received some extremely useful, positive, and detailed suggestions from an editor about my latest short story, Pennies on the Tracks (which is one of the stories in a collection I’m finishing, and the first chapter of a new novel I’m considering writing). I have had some small successes over the past few years…

All hands needed

Okay, team. Let’s go. It’s time to create a new world. What we’ve been doing as a society, as a species, isn’t working. All hands needed. See you out there.

Meet John Plantaseed

Meet a United States military veteran who goes by the name John Plantaseed. He is disabled and travels around Atlanta in a wheelchair. I apparently crossed paths with him two years ago because I have this picture of him in my A Streetcar Named Aspire photo essay album (which now has 1,232 photos, by the…

Bridges in Pittsburgh

The updates still coming out of Pittsburgh about the recent mass murder at a synagogue paint an astonishing picture of a city’s pride and resiliency. We visited Pittsburgh frequently while my older daughter attended college there and were blown away by so much good we found. In fact, my husband wants us to move there…

Boston in the rain

When you provide safe access for bike riders, rain is not a problem (such as when I was Traveling at the Speed of Bike in Boston last weekend).

Malibu burning

This is Malibu, California from when I was Traveling at the Speed of Bike there earlier this year. It is currently burning out of control. My older daughter lives in Los Angeles, and my heart is breaking into a thousand pieces every time I check the news. She tells me she’s fine. But what’s happening…

Play here?

Dog parks. Playgrounds. Soccer fields at transit stations. Baseball fields at schools. “Greenspaces” at the center of “Live! Work! Play!” developments masquerading as town squares. Artificial turf is seemingly everywhere, and I seem to be the only one concerned about children (and dogs) who play here. See my post titled Real Talk about Artificial Turf.