artspeedbike2I make so many stops while riding my bike that my mile tracker app thinks I’m a bus. That’s because I’m constantly in the process of creating art (mixed media, street photography, poetry, fiction) inspired by what I experience in public. Check out my collection of overlapping flash fiction stories, Stranger Things Happen (available on Amazon everywhere). Four stories from that book have been published on Literate Sunday, one of which was selected as a Best of 2017 and is being published in the annual Literate Sunday Catalogue; and one has been published on The Drum. I share other projects on social media and my blogs as well as in found spaces through my studio, 7 MPH.

Previous Exhibits:

Walls Are Falling: Walls fell in my city and yours. Or did they going up?

Selections from Stranger Things Happen: Lives collided on a city’s new path forward in flash fiction inspired by street photography.

First Stop: Selections from A Streetcar Named Aspire: Rapidly-changing lives were preserved for a photographic second and displayed near the Atlanta Streetcar’s King Center stop.

Ennui: Selections from the White Dress Series: A found white dress told stories through photos, displayed among flowering weeds along old rail tracks.

Stirring the Wild: Nature acted as a direct partner as photo-poems stirred in the wind while dangling from wisteria vines.

Sunday Paper: Dresses made out of Sunday newspapers stopped passersby when exhibited on the Atlanta BeltLine.

DiverseCity: Paintings made from street photography were presented as part of #FreeArtFriday near an iconic mural.

Poems at the Speed of Bike Premiered at Gallery 26 on the Atlanta Beltline

Twice-Told Tales Served as the very first public art in this suburban tunnel