Everyone Is Asking about #BikeNoodle

Now that everyone and their mother is riding bikes during this global pandemic (see Bikes Are The New Toilet Paper), I’m getting a LOT of questions about BikeNoodle. Plus, with my city about to be the first in the Southeastern United States with a Vulnerable Road User Ordinance in effect (as of this upcoming Friday, May 1), it’s more important than ever that drivers see clearly what 3-feet-to-pass looks like (I get thanked by a driver every single time I use it).

Bottom line: My BikeNoodle sticks out 2.5 feet from the backrack on my bike (where about an additional 6 inches of it is securely bungee-corded) and serves as a traveling protected bike lane. This is my 4th year using it in a suburb-city that is dangerous by design. It has been almost 100% effective at eliminating illegal passing and driver aggression. On average, drivers give not just 3 feet to pass, but more like 6 feet. Here is a short video about it:

Here is a catchy little ditty you can sing while using it:

Here is the sticker that you can buy and personalize for your own pool noodle (FYI, although Target was sold out of bikes yesterday*, it did still have lots of pool noodles):

Click here

Here’s what it says at that link:


Chapter 6: Noodle Lady in my book, Traveling at the Speed of Bike, is all about BikeNoodle.


And here’s a message I received from someone I don’t know about the effect BikeNoodle had on the younger generation:


* Target yesterday: