Step by step

In case you saw me (in person or on Instagram) and were wondering what the hell I was doing with the big jugs — it’s been 3 months today of carrying water a mile up and down a huge hill each morning* (at first a total of 16 pounds; then a total of 42 pounds).

I’m not sure where I’m going in life, but I’m on my way! As one of my fave quotes starts, “Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it . . .”

You may enjoy the little 30-second compilation below.


Hang in there, folks. Just keep going forward, step by step, on whatever it is you are pursuing. Don’t worry about how silly you look (says the lady with a pool noodle sticking off her bike).

* to get stronger for Peace Corps Uganda (see Making Headway, if interested), for which I was scheduled to leave June 2 (for final US-based staging in Philadelphia) and June 4 (for Entebbe International Airport) but am now delayed (due to the global coronavirus pandemic) until the end of September 2020 (the earliest).