The kind of place

It’s really this simple. You either live somewhere where people go places to ride bikes, or they ride bikes to go places. If you want it to be somewhere where people ride bikes to go places (which tends to indicate safer streets for all modes of transportation), look for scenes like this (which I passed…

Bravo, Decatur

Traveling at the Speed of Bike in Decatur, Georgia, USA yesterday looked like this. Concrete-protected two-way bike lane in front of a high school. Separated side path. Pop-up planter-protected two-way bike lane. Not perfect, but wow. Game on, other small metro cities. (Note: It should be no surprise that I bought most of my holiday…

2020 vision

Citizen Expectations for City Leaders in a Changing World, plus a 2020 Vision

New Bicycle Friendly Communities

As I was zipping down the 2-way mostly* protected bike lane (cycle track) on the south side of Atlanta’s Piedmont Park yesterday on Relay Bikeshare, I did not know that the good news was about to be announced — the City of Atlanta has finally earned official Bicycle Friendly Community certification from the League of…

Newest cycle track in USA

The newest two-way protected bike lane (cycle track) in the USA looks like this (during its final stages of construction) while Traveling at the Speed of Bike. It is directly in front of the high school in the certified Bicycle Friendly Community of Decatur, Georgia, USA (where I taught Seniors-on-Trikes, and more).