A Peach of a Ride

It felt so nice to ride my bike-of-choice (my road bike) in my way-of-choice (on streets and in protected infrastructure) yesterday — past murals (including this peachy one), to a community garden, through a school reunion in a park, across a college campus, down a brick-lined alley to a cute pop-up coffee shop and ultimately under an stunning, old, unpruned magnolia tree to rest.

I even ran into the director of the city’s active living department, with whom I used to work when that city hired me to teach senior-on-trikes (here’s how to do that in your city).

I took no photos or videos of bike infrastructure (I’ve already done that in this city — see free bike tour number 7 — plus, enough already). I wrote no follow-up emails to city halls. I advocated for nothing. I simply existed in public space as a woman on a bike, in the only Silver-level Bicycle Friendly Community in the USA State of Georgia (which, to be fair, really only applies to part of that city).

I ride here about once a week. I support local businesses. I meet more people than I do the entire rest of the week. I have fun. It’s nice.

More of that, please.