Through new eyes

Meet Allison. She is not Today’s Nice Stranger, since I’ve known her for years (but not really). She is the sister-in-law of an old friend of mine whom I called Tracy of the Chickens on a previous blog. We have crossed paths and actually shared a path when my friend Joe Seconder (who is currently running…


Happiness its . . . when you come upon local artist Fabian Williams, aka Occasional Superstar, adding yet another painting (this time of City of Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms)  to his mural of superstars.

The joy of socks

Buy a pair of socks designed by Atlanta-mural-artist Yoyo Ferro and another pair of socks is donated to someone in need.

Mercedes Benz Stadium

You’ll find this mural as part of Off the Wall at Mercedes Benz Stadium. I saw it today while Traveling at the Speed of Bike. Honestly, this is getting so fun and exciting. And I haven’t even started volunteering with the artists yet! Stay tuned.

That wall

There is still not a drop of paint as a public mural anywhere in the suburb city where I live (and the only public mural is a replica of a previous public mural that says Everything Will be OK), despite the progress that seemed to be happening  when I wrote this post three years ago. And now I see in…

It isn’t easy being a mural

Instead of singing, “It isn’t easy being green,” these Kermit the Frogs learned too late that it’s even harder to be a mural. So many murals I’ve photographed while Traveling at the Speed of Bike (including this one) have been painted over or torn down. And so it goes. A reminder of our impermanence perhaps…


It’s always cool to pass the enormous mural of Civil Rights icon, John Lewis, on Sweet Auburn Avenue, and it was especially nice as part of Bicycle Tours of Atlanta’s Journey for Civil Rights Tour. But what’s even better, at least for a proud mama? That my younger daughter performed her original song, Better, for…