It isn’t easy being a mural

Instead of singing, “It isn’t easy being green,” these Kermit the Frogs learned too late that it’s even harder to be a mural. So many murals I’ve photographed while Traveling at the Speed of Bike (including this one) have been painted over or torn down. And so it goes. A reminder of our impermanence perhaps…

Twice-told tales

Am starting to work on the next found-space art exhibit from 7 MPH, titled Twice-Told Tales. It’s slated to hit the outdoors in December. Here’s a peek at two of the photos that didn’t make the cut (because they are vertical and the rest of the photos I selected are horizontal). Stay tuned for more exciting…

We live in the kind of world

We live in the kind of world where this exists. Therefore, despite the hell and hurt and hardships we endure, one question looms — if we are a species capable of such simple, beautiful good, what else is possible? What other good can we do?

Film, music, visual art

You may or may not have heard that the State of Georgia is now number one in the world in feature film productions, due to heavy state incentives, a wide variety of location options, and an increasingly skilled local workforce. That means that when you’re traveling at the speed of bike, you often find yourself…

The only constant is change

The only constant is change. This public sculpture is now gone. A new one by the same artist (the extraordinary William Massey) is in the works.