Makin’ Progress

I’m makin’ progress on my Round America with a Duck planning (my cross-country trip via bikes, buses, trains and WWOOFing on organic farms as experiential research for my new book — read or listen to the first chapter for free here). This week, I did the pilot test with my folding bike on a Greyhound bus. (Glad I didn’t give up when I hit a Megabus* barrier.)

I chose as my destination the city of Macon in Middle Georgia, as it is only an hour and half away from Atlanta and I could go and return the same day. Hubby dropped me off via car in Downtown Atlanta since it was earlier than MARTA local mass transit starts operating. I returned home from the Atlanta Greyhound terminal via MARTA train and my bike.

I rode my bike nine miles and was happy to see that for a city steeped in its troubled history, Macon is makin’ progress as well. My ride was relatively easy (until it wasn’t) and I really enjoyed their murals and sculptures, as well as the little “record” markers indicating photo spots as places for “Macon Memories.”

If interested, you can see my post about the pilot test here (including a fun TikTok).

LOTS more is happening in preparation for this five-month trip (see route here). Let’s stay connected. Please follow the social media platform of your choice:

Hope to see you out there traveling at the speed of bike (buses, trains)!

Trust the journey,



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