3. Texas

My “what’s great for women on bikes” in Texas post is up, if you’re interested. Join me weekly as I go state-by-state. Advertisements

Free class for everyone

I changed my mind. Instead of offering a free online class to one woman in every U.S. state, I decided to give it to everyone (right in the comfort of your home). So, here goes — settle in with a snack and click the video above. It’s a 30-minute version of my proprietary two-hour “Pedal…

Spilling open

Poems happen a lot when I’m Traveling at the Speed of Bike. This one, inspired by a magnolia spilling its seeds, is one of six poems in my book. You can find it on page 139 in the print edition, available on Amazon in all global markets*. Other poems are named ABC Quick Check; Dear Girl; The Gutter…

3rd in the series

See previous featured states here. Tap back in soon to see what’s great for women in Texas.

2. Illinois

Okay, my little deep dive on the next USA state, Illinois, is now published on my Patreon site. (You can link to my post on the first state I featured here for free.)  

2nd in the series

See the first state here, and tap back in soon for my deep-dive into this one!

The female gaze

Lately, I’m heartened to hear that something called “the female gaze” is gaining more notoriety. This represents an increased focus on the unique artistic point of view of women in our society, and frankly, just means a woman created it. So any woman creating any art brings the female gaze to her work. If you can…

Which state will be first?

Which state will be first? Stay tuned as I kick off my “What’s Great in 50 States” for women Traveling at the Speed of Bike. Note — I decided to do this because: (1) I don’t think anyone else is doing it; (2) The League of American Bicyclists (which serves as a terrific central resource…