Meet Helena

You may be or know someone this Christmas morning who is among the many getting new (or new to them) bikes during the biggest bike boom since the 1970s. Fun fact — learning to ride those bikes means every day is Christmas morning! (See my free classes here, and additional how-to tips here.)

Meet Helena. She learned to ride a bike for the first time in her life this week. We spent two hours together, and this little video captures the journey. Helena even has a special message for “all the ladies out there” who are thinking about trying something new:

“Take courage. Open your heart. And go for it.”

Helena riding a bike for the first time in her life

Thank you, Helena (and to Betsy and Jack for connecting us). Experiencing your positive energy and determination this week was a gift to me.

Now we just need to help connect Helena with her own bike, at a time when they are in short supply. A Christmas miracle, perhaps?

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