More than 200 People Now Have Basic Bike Skills Education

In just three months, more than 200 people have downloaded or participated via daily text in the class I created to provide basic bike skills education remotely during this global pandemic and the biggest bike boom since the 1970s.

My proprietary Pedal Power with Pattie course condenses the League of American Bicyclists Smart Cycling curriculum (which I am certified to teach as a League Cycling Instructor) and include lived and researched insights specific to women and teen girls on bikes.

I now charge $9 for the text-based class (only because the platform charges). The downloadable class is still free. In-person classes (when I offer them) are free. I am considering adapting this class into a version for families, which would take into account different considerations for children, sidewalk riding, neighborhood differences, barriers to participation, and more. The family class may be a good Physical Education addition for those who are attending school remotely or being homeschooled.

Feel free to check it out.