34732568025_604ce27da0_oWanna’ get back on a bike? I can help. I’m a League of American Bicyclists’ League Cycling Instructor (#5382). I teach Pedal Power with Pattie classes in metro Atlanta (including occasional free group classes, free lunch-n-learns for corporations and municipalities, private classes at half the REI rate plus free semi-private classes once a month), plus I taught seniors-on-trikes and an earn-a-bike program for youth in need in the City of Decatur, GA (a certified Bicycle Friendly Community). I am also tapped in nationwide through the League of American Bicyclists’ League Cycling Instructor hub, so I can try to connect you to someone locally if you don’t live near me.

There’s gonna’ be a day you can’t do this anymore. If today is not that day, why not ride? I especially like to work with women returning to bikes. I cover a wide variety of Smart Cycling topics in an active setting, customized to meet your specific goals and comfort level. Snag a free semi-private class here.