I have just given my final free public class, made possible thanks to your support of my book

Contact me if you want to arrange a private class (although I’m busy preparing for this now). Meet Lynn, and see photos and links to posts from some previous classes

I am particularly committed to encouraging women who desire to ride again, as women are underrepresented on bikes in our communities (and bikes change lives). andrea-testimonial-2

As a League Cycling Instructor, I condensed the nine-hour League of American Bicyclists’ Smart Cycling curriculum into a fun, 100%-hands-on, two-hour class that covers basic bike handling, hazard avoidance, rules of the road, choosing a route for your comfort and convenience, and more. Parents who take the class can then teach their children as they ride together. Teens who are considering going to a college or university in a city with a bikeshare system will find that the skills and tips come in handy for helping them save time and money. (Note: I have personally ridden bikeshare in Boston, NYC, LA, Ft. Lauderdale, Pittsburgh, and Atlanta.)


Can’t take the class? See my Bonus Resources for free tips, and more.

Click here for the Sustainability-in-Action Bike Tour in the City of Atlanta. I believe municipal leaders and staff members would really benefit from this hands-on experience as many of the rubber-hits-the-road examples are topics that come up in meetings.

Other Services — Need a writer? Let’s talk. I specialize in all aspects of triple-bottom-line sustainability. My open rate is $150 per hour, with discounts available for minimum-six-month contracts and cause-related organizations. I also project-price specific corporate and editorial deliverables (see published articles here and here). See my published articles, resume, portfolio, and LinkedIn profile with recommendations.  Contact me to discuss your particular details to see if we’re a fit.