BREAKING NEWS: Due to popular demand, I’ve just added the first text-based class in the world to learn to balance and pedal a bike, in just 4 comfortable steps! And it’s FREE. (Note: although my lived and learned expertise is offered free, the platform, Arist, charges a one-time $9 administrative fee.) Sign up here.

UPDATE: I’ve now added it in a free downloadable PDF as well.

If you’ve never ridden a bike in your life, take that class prior to the Pedal Power with Pattie Basic Bike Skills Class I offer in 4 different ways — see below.


I offer 4 (!) ways to learn free basic bike skills through my proprietary Pedal Power with Pattie class, including the 1st bike class in the world delivered via text and TikTok! 

Based on the Smart Cycling curriculum from the League of American Bicyclists (which I am certified to teach as a League Cycling Instructor), my class is condensed to fit into women and teen girls’ lifestyles better. What’s more, it includes additional lived and learned experience about Traveling at the Speed of Bike as an underrepresented person in our shared public spaces. 

The first 3 are learn-from-anywhere, and the 4th is in Metro Atlanta (for now):

  1. TikTok! Got 8-30 seconds? Learn a thing or two, or just enjoy an inspiring tip! 
  2. Text! Got a minute? Enjoy 22 cute, free daily texts at the time you determine! They each feature a visual, three quick bullets and a bonus link. That’s it. This ain’t rocket science. My class is on a third party platform that specializes in text-based learning and keeps your number secure (note: the platform, Arist, charges a one-time $9 administrative fee for this class).
  3. PDF! Wanna binge or take your sweet time? Download the exact same series of 22 lessons that are in the text class for free! People all over the world already have. Join them.
  4. In-Person! Got two hours? I offer one free in-person class a month. Meet Kaysha, Meghna, Helena, Diana, and some of the other women and girls who have taken my class. Stay tuned for updates about future classes (Note: Biketober class to be announced shortly! Join Team Trust the Journey in the Atlanta Love to Ride Challenge to take the class for free!) 

Wanna just go for a bike ride and feel like the person who planned the route has your back? Don’t miss the “You Go, Girl!” toolkit. I see you. I got you.