Meet Betsy and Jack

I can barely put in words the amount of kismet that has been involved with my crossing paths with these two people (including yesterday for the first time in person, in an absolutely miraculous moment of serendipity) these past few months (although it seems we’ve been crossing paths for years without knowing it).

Thank you, Betsy Eggers* and Jack Honderd, for all you do in your prominent leadership and involvement throughout Metro Atlanta. It has been a true gift to meet you this year. From the Georgia Bikes Summit to the Peachtree Creek Greenway, the Brookhaven Bike Alliance, the Fugees Family, the Global Village Project, Global Growers, and the girls in Clarkston (to whom I just dropped off their bike course graduation certificates!), I know we’ve just begun taking our leaps of faith together.

Wanna know the crazy part? Completely unplanned, the exact spot where I ran into them was here (photo taken and published as this graphic on September 30, 2020):

Trust the frickin’ journey, folks. Miracles happen daily.

If anyone else would like to close out this weird and wild Leap Year with a Leap of Faith while riding a bike, please take a photo and send it to me or tag me and I’d be happy to share it as the truly final post of 2020 here on Traveling at the Speed of Bike.

* Betsy also reads and emails me comments about many of my posts, for which I’m very grateful. And, thus, I’d like to say a special “Hi, Betsy!” (Note: I turned off online comments after the barrage of abuse I received following my survival of a hit-and-run this past summer. I don’t have time for that.) Fun fact: she recognized me in the split second in which we passed each other because of my mask!

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