Meet Matt

Meet Matt. He’s Today’s Nice Stranger. He gets to paint new cycletracks green. I met him while Traveling at the Speed of Bike to work on my new free Ride Spot tour yesterday featuring Atlanta’s Historic Black Colleges and Universities (see all tours-to-date here). I smelled the paint from two blocks away and was drawn to it like the sparrows returning to Capistrano.

Matt and his colleague hope people will use this lane, and I told them it makes a difference in people’s safety and is appreciated*. (I’ve actually already ridden it numerous times as the City of Atlanta has been working on it for literally years.)

Thanks, Matt. And thanks, City of Atlanta.

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* although . . . there’s a lot more to say about this (i.e. this rapidly gentrifying area and what infrastructure like this is known to accelerate), but we’ll leave it at this for now.