Meet Matt

Meet Matt. He’s Today’s Nice Stranger. He gets to paint new cycletracks green. I met him while Traveling at the Speed of Bike to work on my new free Ride Spot tour yesterday featuring Atlanta’s Historic Black Colleges and Universities (see all tours-to-date here). I smelled the paint from two blocks away and was drawn to it like the sparrows returning to Capistrano.

Matt and his colleague hope people will use this lane, and I told them it makes a difference in people’s safety and is appreciated*. (I’ve actually already ridden it numerous times as the City of Atlanta has been working on it for literally years.)

Thanks, Matt. And thanks, City of Atlanta.

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* although . . . there’s a lot more to say about this (i.e. this rapidly gentrifying area and what infrastructure like this is known to accelerate), but we’ll leave it at this for now.


As Metro Atlanta Bicycle Mayor, a League Cycling Instructor, a PeopleForBikes Ambassador, and the author of Traveling at the Speed of Bike (book and blog), I shine a light on people making it more welcoming to ride bikes and access public space close to home and around the world. Meet some below! If you’d like to put stories to work for your company, municipality, or organization, see here.

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