Put Stories to Work for You

Stories move us. We react — and act — as a result of them. They are the very essence of our humanity, needed now more than ever. They put a face on a factory; a soul on a C-suite.

What’s your story? What’s the story behind your company’s people? Your products? Your purpose? 

Here’s mine. 

I grew up on Long Island — often barefoot on a bike, doing flips off the diving board, or covering third base. Graduated from SUNY Geneseo with a BA in English but mostly played pingpong in the laundry room. Traipsed through Europe on pennies a day. Lived and worked in Manhattan for a few years (Fairchild Publications. USA Today. MetLife), climbing up and down five flights of stairs and riding my bike over the Brooklyn Bridge. Married a U.S. Special Agent, whom I met on a blind date, and moved to Atlanta where I worked at the global headquarters of Turner Broadcasting and UPS. Got to travel around the country on an expense account, back when that was still fun. 

Went full-time freelance when the first of our two daughters was born. Absolutely loved that freedom and abundance. Also wrote feature articles and my own blogs (including one that had 30k views every month). Wrote and published books. Had some pro bono leadership positions advocating for sustainable improvements close to home and around the world, and even got profiled in O: The Oprah Magazine. (That was my fifteen minutes of fame, I guess. It passed, lol.)

Applied and was accepted to the Peace Corps. Was packed and ready to go to Uganda, right down to the solar charger and quick-dry towel — but then, hello, COVID. Wrote another book. Became a bicycle mayor. Picked up a great assignment writing stories about a bike company (I’ll link when it’s live). Realized other companies — maybe even yours— could probably use some fresh, new stories as well, especially now as you reintroduce yourself to a changed marketplace. 

And so here we are, you and me. What’s our story going to be? 

Here’s my LinkedIn profileHere’s my portfolioHere are some recent profiles of people I’ve written.

Maybe we need to breathe new life into your team bios, or take your sales targets up-close-and-personal in a feature story about your company that you can excerpt and amplify across your communications platforms. I price by the word ($1), hour ($150), or project (TBD, with discounts for people who are kind) (yep, the exact same prices I charged when I had 20 years less experience). As a seasoned professional and a member of Mensa, I learn your biz quickly and I don’t waste your time or money.

I have bandwidth left for just one more 10-hour project in July 2021. First dibs goes to B-Corps, nonprofits, local businesses, and global sustainability leaders. If that’s you, let’s talk.

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