Meet Tracy

IMG_2506Meet Tracy. She is a teacher in the suburb of Suwanee, Georgia (see my Bike Audit of Suwanee here). She took my “Pedal Power with Pattie” Basic Bike Skills Class for Women yesterday at/around the City’ of Atlanta’s Atlantic Station (see my site survey ride there). She goes into Atlanta often to ride because the only place to ride safely where she lives is on a wooded greenway (which is beautiful, but . . . ) She grew up riding bikes in Minnesota, and even won the bike she rides now while living there before she moved to metro Atlanta.

She is an experienced, strong rider who was interested in solidifying the ins and outs of urban road-riding, including signaling, lane changing and hazard avoidance techniques. She also appreciated learning the ABC Quick Check, getting some bike maintenance tips and seeing how to lock a bike properly. She made notes about lights, back racks and panniers and will most likely be visiting her local REI at the Mall of Georgia soon.

Tracy wishes she could ride to and from the school where she teaches (it’s just two miles from her home) as she likes the idea of actually going someplace on bike as transportation. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s this — all roads lead to city hall when you’re trying to make the world safer for bike riding. So I suggested she start with Suwanee City Hall.

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