Women In Street

self-portrait while looking in a found mirror during a street photography shoot in 2014

Women, as we know, are underrepresented in our public spaces. It follows, therefore, that we are also underrepresented as street photographers, which then means that a valuable point of view is missing from public discourse. (If you’ve read my book, Traveling at the Speed of Bike, you’ve heard a bit about my street photography and how much that has informed, and changed, my view of things.)

Five years ago, a woman named Casey Meshbesher set out to change that. She started a group she named Women in Street which has grown to become a multi-platform social media collaborative all over the world.

I’m excited to share that there’s now a map identifying women who are street photographers around the globe and I am included as one of only two women from the state of Georgia, USA! (The other is the astounding photographer Juliette Mansour.) Here’s my street photography album, if interested.

I believe I am also the only artist in the world working at the intersection of street photography and flash fiction. Here is the website for my book, Stranger Things Happen, which is a collection of 76 overlapping flash fiction stories (or is it just one?), all inspired by original street photography, about what happens when lives collide on a city’s new path forward. Here’s a quick peek inside:

In honor of Memorial Day today, you may enjoy my flag series of street photography (originally compiled here for last November’s Election Day).