Another Type of Rolling Wave

As we take photos of ourselves (or others) waving with our bikes for the worldwide #RollingWave* social media campaign for World Bicycle Day June 3, I want to also highlight a different type of rolling wave called a wave delineator from a company named Saris Infrastructure. (UPDATE: #RollingWave for World Bicycle Day was a huge success. Thanks to all, including USA President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden, for participating!)

These are already in Downtown Atlanta. They should be everywhere this summer. I’m gathering a little info (see email below), and I’ll share it here. If any city is affirmatively interested, please let me know and I’ll feature your pop-up wave-delineator journey. I am going to spend exactly zero minutes trying to talk anyone into it. (I gave that up.)

Dear Saris Infrastructure:

Hi. I’m serving as the Metro Atlanta Bicycle Mayor, representing 10 counties and 70 cities as part of a global consortium of 120 bicycle mayors with the Amsterdam-based social enterprise BYCS. I am gathering info for interested cities here (besides Atlanta, which already has wave delineators on one of its cycle tracks) that may want to install a wave delineator pop-up demonstration (or even permanent addition). I would like to know how much it would be for just one to three of these. 

I also understand from an article online that you have a loaner library of wave delineators. How would I go about accessing that? Many of the suburb-cities (even those with Bicycle Friendly Community certification) have numerous bike lanes that don’t meet NACTO guidelines, and although I know these delineators are not made to stop motor vehicle drivers, they do serve as a visual divider (as you can see with the truck and my bike in the Downtown Atlanta location shown in the photo and video above). I believe that if one suburb-city here showcases one (or more), there could be greater interest throughout the region. 

Let me know if you’d like to hop on a call. I would be willing to continue featuring this wave-delineator journey on my blog. In fact, it would be awesome to get a true rolling wave going (in addition to the one for World Bicycle Day, explained below) throughout my region, and beyond — especially during this biggest bike boom since I was a kid.

Trust the journey,


Metro Atlanta Bicycle Mayor

League Cycling Instructor #5382

PeopleForBikes Ambassador