World Bicycle Day Was An Olympic Event

World Bicycle Day this past Thursday turned into a global team sport as bicycle mayors around the world posted photos of themselves or others waving on bikes, tagged #RollingWave across social media (most abundantly on Twitter). The fun started early with India and rolled all over the globe. It was an event.

I am grateful that BYCS, the Amsterdam-based social enterprise with whom we serve as bicycle mayors, embraced the movement and encouraged participation. I am also especially thankful to Arcy Canumay — the Bicycle Mayor of Waterloo, Canada — who buoyed my efforts when they weren’t catching on in the United States as I tried to get the roll going in May during the USA’s National Bike Month.

Arcy was truly an ally, as were the rest of the Canadian bicycle mayors (see my recent profile of Jillian Banfield, the Bicycle Mayor of Halifax — I’ll be featuring Arcy late next week, followed by the other Canadian bicycle mayors throughout June). Bicycle mayors in Ireland, India, South America and elsewhere all rose rode to the occasion as well, keeping the rolling wave going and going and going. The mayor of the Canadian city of Guelph pretty much stole the show, however, with his video.

And then, just when the palpable joy couldn’t get any better, the President and First Lady of the United States joined in, waving from their bicycles on Jill Biden’s 70th birthday! (I’ll do a collage of some of the photos soon, but search #RollingWave on Twitter and you’ll see.)

And now, I’m waving goodbye to Atlanta for a short while as I head out to my beloved home town and New York City for the first time since November 2019 (due to COVID). I’ll be reporting LIVE from Schwinneola on Sunday, June 6 and CitiBike on Monday, June 7th! Hope to see you out there, Traveling at the Speed of Bike!

Note: It’s National Bike Month in Canada throughout June. The #RollingWave continues to cross that country and circle the globe. You’re invited to join us.

Thank you to the City of Atlanta for changing my life, and to bicycle mayors around the world for adding some much-needed fun and support during these trying times when bicycles, once again, became worldwide winners.