Are You Ready for an EPIC National Bike Month This Year?

It’s coming, and the excitement is mounting! This May will be the second National Bike Month during the biggest bike boom since the 1970s! And not only do more people have and use bikes, but cities all across the USA have made some significant upgrades to safe-access-for-all.

Plus, now with us starting to come out of the dark hole of this historic pandemic as more people get vaccinated, May 2021 should be EPIC. And you and your city are invited! (If your city isn’t safe-for-all, see here for some quick tips!) (If you are constantly hitting your head against the wall with your city hall, see the footnote* at the bottom of this post. It had to be said, again. That post is originally from 2018.)

If I hear back from the mayors in the six Metro Atlanta cities (Alpharetta, Atlanta, Carrollton, Decatur, Peachtree City, and Roswell) that are certified as a Bicycle Friendly Community by the League of American Bicyclists, I’ll let you know what they have planned. In the meantime, here are creative solutions from the City of Decatur and the Brookhaven Bike Alliance from last year, plus some additional ideas.

City of Decatur, GA: Complete this list and win a bandana! (See my free tour of Decatur here.)
City of Brookhaven, GA: Get “Bingo” for a chance to win prizes from REI! (See my free tour in Brookhaven here.)


  • You could take a truly amazing tour with Bicycle Tours of Atlanta (brace yourself: you will fall in love, or even more in love, with Atlanta).
  • You could just get out there and ride, like you may already be doing every day as your new pandemic (or long-standing) habit! (See my free self-guided bike tours and classes — including the only text, PDF, and TikTok-based bike skills classes in the world.)
  • You could try BikeNoodle (pictured at the top of this post) if you would like your own traveling bike lane. (See Everyone Is Asking about #BikeNoodle.)
  • You could armchair-travel at The Bike Bookstore, the only bookstore in the world dedicated to bike books.

Stay tuned for my National Bike Month Gift Guide, which will include free and affordable ways to be part of the bike boom today and always. (Short answer? There’s a baby bib, and you’re gonna want it.)

*If your city (especially in the suburbs) refuses to take action that meets NACTO guidelines or provides temporary protection on known dangerous-by-design streets (or insists on greenwashing the effectiveness of what it’s actually doing), could there be an elephant in the room? See Truth at a Crossroads.