Today Is Not That Day (UPDATED)

There will be a day I can no longer do this. Today is not that day.

My hope is to one day ride bikes with grandchildren. That doesn’t just happen all of a sudden. That happens one day at a time, year after year, of trying to maintain my health and fitness. I can’t wait for my city to see that so much of what it does in the name of safe-access-for-all is lipstick-on-a-pig. I can’t wait for my schedule to provide convenience. I must, and do, make it happen, each and every day (even if it means the necessity of that damn BikeNoodle when I ride in car-centric suburbia, where I’ve been sheltering-in-place). That’s because it matters to me, especially now when fitness can reduce or eliminate co-morbidities that are proven to increase the risk of life-threatening complications and death from COVID-19. My reduced risk benefits not just me and my family but the public health of my entire community, and beyond.

Does taking charge of your future (at a time when so little is within our control) matter to you? If so, you may enjoy my free bike class via text and downloadable PDF. It’s not just about bikes, by the way. It’s about voice and power and ways to live out loud in spaces where we as women are underrepresented, discounted, and marginalized. (Note: Numerous women involved with city governments around the USA are taking the class right now.) I may also start up again with my in-person classes (one-on-one, socially distanced) in August. How else can I help you?

Fun fact: I am in discussions with several major bikeshare companies and bike advocacy groups about ways I can help, plus I am applying for several fellowships designed to help Americans get more healthy. We have individual and collective opportunities to increase our resilience. And that makes me jump for joy.

UPDATE: I leap a lot, as you know, and I’ve decided to start calling it my Daily Leap of Faith. Here’s the latest. It involved submitting an application.