You gotta be in it to win it

So, after twenty years of watching with my family as our hallowed Saturday night ritual, and now with my Peace Corps service delayed (potentially for years) by COVID-19, I finally applied for Survivor. Making a fun 3-minute video served to remind me of my unique competitive advantages, which gave me a jump-start on believing this could actually be not just a reality show but my future reality.

I can’t imagine they’re shipping folks out to Fiji anytime soon (and besides, there are strict biohazard laws so my little secret plan of planting a quick-growing patch of arugula so my alliance would have some greens with all that rice ain’t gonna happen), but who knows, right? Trust the journey, as is my motto. . .  or, as we New Yorkers like to say (thanks to the LOTTO ad campaign from the 1980s), you gotta be in it to win it.

I’m taking a daily Leap of Faith right now, and hitting submit on this application was today’s jump into the trusting hands of the universe. (If interested, here’s another.)


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