“Broadway World” review of the world premiere of For Goodness Sake

As many of you also do, I use the arts as a place to process and express the intensity of feelings life evokes. A piece I wrote recently named Big Jugs is one of those expressions. Big Jugs is the first work of mine performed live, the process of which has been gratifying and exciting.

It is included in a show titled For Goodness Sake at the Jewish Women’s Theatre in Santa Monica, California. Broadway World reviewed the show yesterday. My older daughter, who is an artistic fellow there, and I both got a shoutout, which was lots of fun when she shared it with my husband, younger daughter, and me last night as we are all temporarily physically together right now.

Pictured in the Broadway World review are the wonderful actors who do dramatic readings of the 13 selected stories. The diversity of stories made me laugh and cry, and being able to share the same viewing of the show with my husband, daughters, mom, dad, step-mom, brother-in-law, and my older daughter’s boyfriend via the magic of Zoom was a gift.

There are 2 shows left (via Zoom), if you’re interested. People have been attending from all over the world. You may enjoy.

And now, for a little general public service announcement: The arts matter, now more than ever as our ability to make sense of our changing world gets harder and harder. Please support the funding of arts education for children so they have tools for life (to process and deal with life), and support the arts and artists whenever and however you are moved to do so.

Quick update about my jugs: my daily jug-carrying (captured in my video below, which is part of my recent CBS Survivor video application) is on hold for a little while, per doctor’s orders, as I continue to recover from a hit-and-run while riding my bike last week. (New art sure to come .)

Update about the Peace Corps: If you have questions about applying for the Peace Corps (especially at 56 years old), you may enjoy my creative nonfiction piece, Leaving Suburbia for the Peace Corps. Note: I just received an email that all invitees will need to go through a new medical review process. Receiving my clearances to date had been grueling, so, well, as we like to say here on Traveling at the Speed of Bike . . . let’s just trust the journey, right?

Update about Big Jugs: The theater is releasing recordings of the performances and just released Big Jugs: