My first two public service announcements (as Metro Atlanta Bicycle Mayor) in the outdoor campaign titled “Joy” are up! Bringing a “brief, emotionally exciting interlude*” to Downtown Atlanta, and a question worth pondering to MARTA! (If interested, here are tips for combining trains and bikes, and more.)

There’s a third about to go live tomorrow on Interstate 285 (the deadliest highway in the USA), and a fourth (holiday-themed) that goes live on #OptOutside Day on the Friday after Thanksgiving (in another iconic Metro Atlanta location). Update: Here’s joy on I-285! Here’s the one for #OptOutside!

Big thanks to my anonymous sponsor for this**. đź™‚

* dictionary definition of joy ride

** there’s obviously only enough money for them to be up briefly so we are being sure to capture them in photos for social media purposes. Please share and help spread the joy!

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