Joy on Interstate 285

The third public service announcement in my “Joy” campaign* as Metro Atlanta Bicycle Mayor is now live.

I rode by it yesterday along Interstate 285 (also known as the Perimeter), the most deadly highway in the United States. A massive expansion project is happening there that does not include the kind of transformative access-for-all that could put our entire region on the road to a more sustainable future**.

FYI, see this aspirational media release about 285: Metro Atlanta Cities Announce Bike/Ped Path Around Entire Perimeter Highway.

Also, stay tuned for the fourth outdoor ad in another iconic Metro Atlanta location (premiering on #OptOutside Day on the Friday after Thanksgiving), plus print ads, and more, as we continue to spread the joy this holiday season.

* “Joy” Campaign public service announcements 1 and 2:

** That doesn’t mean you can’t transform the heaviness you may feel during these trying times to a little bit of joy by taking a bike ride, even if it’s just around your neighborhood or on one of these self-guided bike tours I’ve created for you. You can also help “spread the joy” by downloading and printing this coloring page (great Thanksgiving Day activity!) and posting it tagged #IRodeToJoy.

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