Opt Outside

It’s #OptOutside Day* (established by REI a few years ago as an alternative to Black Friday consumerism) and I can barely wait for the sun to rise!

It’s also the day that the fourth public service announcement as part of my “Joy” campaign is premiering (here are the previous three PSAs*). I took this photo yesterday and I believe the sign has been moved from this location, but it’s out there (just through today — I can only ask so many favors).

The corresponding Joy print campaign is in motion, thanks as well to the generous donation of an anonymous sponsor and the participation of publications for which I’ve written or to which I’ve submitted work in the past and thus have established relationships. Big thanks to all. This is fun, and fun matters (now more than ever).

Today I’ll be participating in my second global Zoom call for Bicycle Mayors. Perhaps the Joy campaign can even spread around the world!

In the meantime, opt outside. Take a joy ride. And join me in imagining new realities.

* The rest of the “Joy” outdoor campaign. See related posts: Joy on Interstate 285 and”Joy” Campaign.

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