fullsizeoutput_1083As I’m reflecting on my recent bike rides around Santa Monica, California on both Breeze bikeshare and my older daughter’s bike, I feel pretty confident in saying that it is the most bike-friendly place I’ve ever ridden, for a multitude of reasons that had me (a seasoned bikeshare user in various cities) exclaiming wow almost constantly — not just about the stunning oceanfront path but about so many other little details throughout the city (such as bike lockers, bike counters, space between parked cars and bike lanes so you don’t get doored while picking up vegan Thai takeout or visiting the community garden or even catching a few minutes of the Sunday service for folks who are experiencing homelessness; not one but two different bikeshare systems as well as scooters and electric bikes for rent; buses and trains with stops so attractive that you actually want to ride as part of a multimodal journey; and countless public murals that make the rides extra interesting on everything from rail trails to quiet residential streets built on a grid). I’m not surprised to discover that this report from 2015 shows it to be the 6th most bike-friendly city in the USA. This is how it’s done, folks.

I have a ton of stories, photos, observations, and questions but am thinking about pitching a few articles instead of writing about it here. I’ve been so busy writing my book, Traveling at the Speed of Bike, that I haven’t written for another publication since that Manuel’s Tavern chicken coop article, and it could be fun.

Stay tuned . . .