Artful use of bikeshare

fullsizeoutput_1a4a.jpegSo I brought my younger daughter to the airport via the MARTA train yesterday and then hopped off it on the way back when I got to the Arts Center station. I wanted to trot around the High Museum of Art (which has been brilliantly rearranged with clever and provocative juxtapositions, and which is where the Yayoi Kusama exhibit is currently creating great excitement), but the museum wasn’t open yet.

I didn’t have my bike with me, so I popped onto a Relay Bikeshare bike and took a lovely ramble around Piedmont Park just a few blocks away. I visited the only Isamu Noguchi playscape in the USA and The Fence photo exhibit, and I met yet more nice strangers (which is a daily happening when you’re Traveling at the Speed of Bike). I was then able to ride back to the museum and lock up easily at a public bike rack in front of a huge, gorgeous Ginkgo tree and Rodin sculpture.fullsizeoutput_1a49

That kind of unexpected serendipity and convenience is a major reason why I have a Relay Bikeshare membership. You can find out more reasons in this little profile Relay Bikeshare published about me recently. You can get your own Relay Biksehare membership here. I’ve also ridden bikeshare bikes in close to a dozen other cities (often to find public art, or to scope out locations to create or exhibit my own art) and strongly recommend them. Here is a small sampling: Santa Monica; Boston; New York City; Pittsburgh; Suwanee and other metro–Atlanta suburb-cities.

fullsizeoutput_1a4cIf interested, see my #ArtOfBikeRiding on Twitter and Instagram for public murals I discover while out and about (some of which are now gone, so I’m glad I took photos of them).

Note: My next exhibit at Gallery 26 will premiere very soon.

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