And, by the way

And, by the way, beauty is everywhere. I am stunned almost constantly.

“You go, girl”

An elderly man hobbling along the Atlanta Beltline’s Eastside Trail yesterday said to me as I was Traveling at the Speed of Bike past him, “Stay safe. You go, girl.” I thanked him and we wished each other a good day. That kind of support in public space matters (as opposed to creepy harassment —…

The birds

Not sure what Hitchcock thinks about bikes, but those Bird scooters are apparently eyebrow-raisers . . .

Art-of-Bike-Riding pick-of-the-week

If we can make port-a-potties fun and joyful, we can make anything better. Don’t settle for mediocrity and the gutter of failed imagination. See more Art of Bike Riding here.

Art-of-Bike-Riding pick-of-the-week

Oh, goodness — there was so much good art I passed while Traveling at the Speed of Bike in Los Angeles this past week, but I’m gonna go with this one. You can see more on my Instagram feed, but since I’ve now stopped posting on Instagram and Twitter, that will be the last of…