Last bike class until September

I’m offering my last bike class until September. Registration required. Maximum 6 students. See details and register here.

Meet Lynn

Meet Lynn. She was my bike skills student yesterday. She is a retired operation room nurse who recently moved back to (hilly) Atlanta from (flat) Charleston and wanted to get more comfortable using gears. She said it was ok to tell you that she is 69. There is no age limit to feeling like a…

June classes

I just added the June dates for Traveling at the Speed of Bike classes. I am particularly interested in encouraging women who desire to ride again (although all adults are welcome, as well as teens 13 and older with a release form signed by a parent), as women and girls are underrepresented on bikes in…

Rubber-hits-the-road tips

I’ve been wanting to do a series of quick rubber-hits-the-road tips while Traveling at the Speed of Bike. So here we go with number one — the good ole’ right hook danger, specifically when it involves a truck.

Where to give bikes to girls

Looking for a great gift to help change the world this holiday season? Consider donating to these organizations that give bikes to girls around the world. When girls have bikes, they can get to school faster and more regularly with reduced incidence of sexual harassment, assault, and trafficking. Increased education for girls has a longterm,…